Sony Playstation 4 Mutilfunction 2 in 1 Bluetooth Mini Wireless Keyboard

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Description :  
100% brand new and high quality
This wireless keyboard is for PS4 controller
 it is easier for the players to chat with friends ,This device is easy to install ,take out connect with any version for PS4 original controller as well, and provides convenient and useful functions like text type, Internet chat, and game playing.
1. The use of the keyboard is easy to communicate with friends by the voice chat and messages.
2. Easy to use. The keyboard is very easy to embed in the controller, and will not affect the operation and appearance of the controller.
3. Using dedicated keys to input various letters and characters, it is very easy to text chat and surf the Internet for PS4.

1. To communicate with your friends conveniently by the voice chat and typing with this wireless controller.
2. Fit well with your for PS4 controller, install and take out simply.
3. Easy to operate, good hand feeling. The original style for  PS4 controller will not be destroyed when the wireless keyboard if fit on.
4. This wireless keyboard would be embedded perfectly for PS4 controller.

Operate voltage: DC: 3.7V
Operate current: ≤50MA
Quiescent current: ≤1mA
Bluetooth distance: 1-10Meter
Bluetooth version: V3.0
Battery: Lithium Polymer 200MAH
Charging current: 130MA/5V
Size: 138*64*41mm
Net Weight: About 118 g


Compatible Brand/Model: Sony
Package: No
Interface Type: Bluetooth
Type: Gamepads
Model Number: For PS4 controller
Feature 2: For PS4 Wireless Joystick
Feature 1: For PS4 Gamepad
Feature 9: For PS4 Joystick Controller
Feature 8: For PS4 Manette
Feature 4: For Sony PS4 Mando
Feature 5: For PS4 Console Joypad
Feature 3: Wireless Keyboard
Feature 10: For PS4 Joystick
200000571: 200002850
Feature 6: For PS4 Games Controller
Feature 7: For Sony PS4 Joystick